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My Yoga Styles

Yin Yoga can offer you a wonderful and calm balance and is suitable for all levels. The individual yoga positions are held passively for several minutes, so that both your superficial and deep fasciae are addressed. In this way your joints and connective tissue are strengthened. During the class your focus is directed inwards, your body is stretched and aligned in an optimal way and deeper tensions and blockages can be released. You may have eaten something before the class, but you should not be overeaten.

sonnenaufgang yoga vinyasa

The dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class is suitable for all levels. Together with your breath you actively flow through yoga positions that stretch, strengthen and mobilize the entire body. Through the practice not only comes length and strength, but also confidence and awareness into your body.

In Laughter Yoga we laugh for no reason. We start as an exercise and just like that, and then it turns into a real laugh. For the body and psyche it follows the same benefits and endorphins are released. We do not only laugh, but also do breathing exercises and light stretches in between. In 1995 Dr. Madan Kataria started in India, today there are thousands of laughing clubs. Laugh Yoga can lift your mood, strengthen your immune system, supply the brain with more oxygen and bring more ease into your life.